394 - Continuous Infusion for Seizure Control and Sedation in Neonates
Friday, September 9, 2016
1:30 PM to 2:30 PM
Continuous infusion of pharmacologic agents for sedation and/or seizure control may be necessary in neonatal foals with refractory status epilepticus associated with various neurologic conditions, or to minimise stress and/or pain associated with diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, such as mechanical ventilation.
The purpose of this session is to review the current evidence and recommendations for continuous infusion for sedation and seizure control in human paediatric medicine, and to discuss the available literature pertaining to sedation and seizure control in neonatal foals.
Key topics covered in the session will include;
- Indications, complications, and comparative pharmacology of benzodiazepines, barbiturates, potassium bromide, ketamine, propofol and magnesium sulphate as agents for sedation and seizure control in neonates.
- In depth discussion of the use of midazolam as a sedative in neonates undergoing intensive care.
- Discussion with attendees regarding their own preferences, experiences, and views on particular pharmacologic agents used for continuous infusion in critically ill foals.
Topic/Audience: LARGE ANIMAL
CE Credits: 1.0
Available To: All Attendees
Darien Feary, Dr.
Darien Feary is a lecturer in equine medicine currently pursuing a PhD at Charles Sturt University in Australia. Darien graduated from the University of Sydney and attained her large animal internal medicine residency and Masters degree at Colorado State University, and her equine emergency & critical care fellowship at the University of California, Davis. Following some time in equine private practice in Ocala, Florida, Darien returned to Australia and has since enjoyed clinical teaching at the University of Sydney and the University of Adelaide. Darien’s special interests are in fluid therapy, neonatology, learning and teaching, and the improvement of clinical veterinary education. Darien has recently completed a graduate diploma in clinical education and is pursuing a PhD in veterinary education.